April 2018 Challenge: Wood

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So on the drive back to Salt Lake I was thinking about some of the past challenges, some more popular than others. I considered revisiting some like eggs, pasta, tomatoes and such. Given that Spring has come to the Northern hemisphere, and winter has not yet hit the southern, I was thinking barbecue or grilling would be a good topic, it had a lot of activity back then. Decided to give it a bit of a twist.



No, not like the old Euell Gibbons "Ever eat a pine tree?" ads. And not like the ingredient list for some processed, prepared foods where down near the bottom of the ingredient list is "cellulose fiber" - basically sawdust. I'm thinking wood as the primary heat source for cooking the main ingredient.

It need not be actual wood. For example, you might do a mushroom swiss burger for this challenge, and want to kick it up a bit using smoked cheese. So you cold smoke the cheese using some sawdust or wood pellet device, that counts as wood. And you do the burger over charcoal, another form of wood. The mushrooms, however, you saute in a skillet on your gas or electric stove in lots of butter. Not a problem, sauces, brines, marinades done on a non-wood stove top won't count against you. And as far as cold smoking goes if, like me, you use an electric hot plate to heat the wood chips, that is fine. Or if you use a smoker where an electric element heats the wood product, no problem.

And sort of an exception, sous vide is allowed, as long as charcoal or whatever finishes it. You can season and sous vide a nice hunk of chuck roast for a day or so, then smoke for a few hours, or do a nice rib eye steak and finish over rocket hot mesquite coals.

So let's see some brisket, ribs, wings, brats and burgers, zucchini boats, whatever. Stolen lamb, anyone?

I need to add this.

The rules:
- The challenge begins on the 1st of every month and the last entry must be made by the last day of the month.
- You may post multiple entries.
- All entries must be cooked during the month of the challenge.
- If you use a documented recipe, please cite your source.
- Entries should include the name of your dish and a picture of the final product. Sharing personal recipes and pictures of the process are not mandatory but extremely helpful.
- The winner is chosen by the person who posted the challenge, and is announced after the last day of submissions. The decision is final and falls entirely at the discretion of the challenger.
- Submitting an entry makes you eligible to win. If you do not wish to be considered for the win you may still participate in the challenge, but make your wishes known to the challenger.

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Interesting one teamfat teamfat ;)

I am just defrosting a big hunk of pork leg and was thinking of putting it on the weber smokey mountain, so count me in:)
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Real interesting considering the county plow truck just went up the road . . . yup another coasting of the white stuff. Oh well I'll get to grill some day.

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Well this is interesting. I have a smoking gun which takes wood chips - it seems that would be allowed? No BBQ here though and the weather is grim! How about charcoal powder as an edible element - would that count?
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teamfat teamfat what about using a gas grill and a smoker box or wood chips in a tinfoil packet?
It's not really cooking over wood, but wood chips are involved...
I love doing Salmon that way
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teamfat teamfat what about using a gas grill and a smoker box or wood chips in a tinfoil packet?
It's not really cooking over wood, but wood chips are involved...
I love doing Salmon that way

Go for it! A while back I did some hot smoked salmon with an apple and red onion chutney, folks at the party loved it!

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Okay, so yesterday when I chose this theme it was sunny and 70 degrees F outside. And now it's cold and raining here in SLC. Maybe I should have picked something like cream soups or root vegetables. Oh well.

Maybe morning glory morning glory and her weather independent smoking gun might have the first dish.

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A very simple lunch:
Sausages (bought) with rye bread (home made) cooked on lump charcoal grilling device

01 sausages.jpg

Getting the fire ready.
Can't really see the lump charcoal very well
02 lit braai.jpg

She's burning
03 fire takes.jpg

I waited for the fire to die down somewhat as I like to cook the sausages on a fairly low fire.
This set up works pretty well, as the sides are always a bit less hot due to the shape of the braai.
For those of you still in the snow and sleet:
Notice my bare feet....
It's around 30 oC here
06 close up.jpg
Sausages almost ready, so time to grill the bread
08 close up.jpg

Bread is ready (the finished sausages are now moved to the back)
10 bread ready.jpg

Left over's
12 close up.jpg
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I'll play.

Smoke roasted chicken - spatchcocked, salt and pepper, applewood, smoked 325-375F (not picky on temp here, hotter actually is better)

Charred dandellion salad- pumpkin seeds, raw sheeps milk cheese, tangerine mustard vinaigrette

Smoked chicken leftovers make way better chicken salad IMO

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Flamed salmon and tzatziki..


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That's pretty cool. Is that a fast or slow cooking process.
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That's pretty cool. Is that a fast or slow cooking process.
Well, it was quite windy weather here today so it took 1h 15m. Normally it’s about 40min when the salmon is ready. Tzatziki I made yesterday.
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Time for a pork roast on my smokey mountain (the smallest one, 14.5")

Got a bit of charcoal
05 bag of charcoal.jpg

Loaded the WSM and added a stick of Acacia wood.
Not too much as the charcoal is locally made and already gives quite a smoky taste to food
07 lump charcoal and stick of acacia.jpg

Pork is loaded on the WSM. I am using the waterpan and a drip pan
09 pork on wsm - with waterpan and drip pan.jpg

The waiting game:
Enjoying the scenery ;)
10 wsm assembled.jpg

Ready after about 9 hours. I added a couple extra pieces of charcoal after about 6 hours and refilled the water bowl
The onions were in the drip pan.
The meat was incredibly tender and we actually just pulled of the whole chunk with forks.
12 ready except onions should have been in longer.jpg

The left over was placed in the fridge and sliced the next morning.
I actually prefer sliced over pulled.
13 next morning sliced meat.jpg

And since it was a bone in roast, I had a happy dog as well
18 ahppy totty.jpg
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I'd love to play but winter doesn't want to leave us just yet. Maybe sometime this month I'll get outside with the charcoal grill!

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