Approximate age of a swap meet find?

Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by knifesavers, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Found a heavily tarnished and getting red rust :( carbon steel chef knife at the swap meet.

    After scrubbing it down to remove the rusting so a new patina can start I could just make out enough to see it was made by the Robinson Knife Company.

    Has a nice wider than most rosewood handle on it. I had been trying to find a carbon steel comfortable chef knife for a while.and this fits the bill finally. :)

    Still needs a good sharpening but the feel is very nice. Picked up many old knives that had damaged handles but this is mostly intact save excessive gaps at the blade end.

    Guesses on age of this maker? Googling about it appears they started in 1920 but not much on the history.