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    Hey everyone, Ive been considering a culinary education for a while now and just wanted to see what the general consensus on apprenticeships is.  Ive held a few jobs in the industry over the past several years (mostly chain type places) and work now as an assistant kitchen manager at a local restaurant, so Im aware of what its like working in a kitchen and know that its the industry I want to be in.  Im still debating which path I want to take though and have been looking at apprenticeships.  Are they overall any better or worse than getting a regular 2 or 4-year degree?  Would it be any harder to land a job because I wouldnt have a degree, even though I'd have the experience? Is it hard to get into an apprenticeship program?  Also does anyone have any info/experience with any programs in either Virginia or Colorado?  Im in VA now but planning to move to CO within the next couple years so Im looking at both places. Anyways, any input in much appreciated, thanks!
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