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Hello all.

Am starting school in January and want to get some kitchen experience between now and then.  Went to three restaurants today  and said would apprentice for free - so - got 2 maybe's and one - "be here at four pm on friday"  Only prob is that the "be here at 4pm" rest. is a one man chef place...the other two I only got to speak to the soux Chefs.  So, do I wait to hear back from the other two or commit to the one - even though it may not give me the exp I want or both.  Help?!
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Sorry no one answered this. You can just go in and work a few days. They might not like you or you may not like them. If you are working for free, then there is really no obligation for you but just don't tell them you will show up the next day and don't. 

So since 3 weeks have passed, what did you do?
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Yikes! hopefully you made the right decision!

I was in a similar situation just a few weeks ago and in search of an apprenticeship, depending on there you live (I'm in Ontario, Canada) The government will actually give you a grant for successful completion of your apprenticeship.

The restaurant that takes you on will also receive a grant, so don't go offering up your free services just yet.

Call the ministry of apprenticeships!!!!!!!

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