apple pie in advance

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I have so many things to do the day of Thanksgiving, that I would like to be able to make the pies before the day of Thanksgiving. How far in advance can the pies be baked without sacrificing taste or texture? And, if baked in advance, should they be refrigerated, frozen, or left in room air?
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This depends on the type of pie you are planning to make, but most will be fine if you make them two days before.  Fruit pies like apple can be kept at room temperature for 24 hours, then must be refrigerated.  Pumpkin should be chilled as soon as it is cooled.


You can freeze the unbaked pie ahead of time if you double wrap it. Just give it 15 extra minutes of baking time in the oven,  just like people who buy the frozen pies at the store do. In fact, check the back of one of those pies instructions and use that to bake your own homemade frozen unbaked pie. Happy Thanksgiving!
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