Apple Marsala Sauce.... With Pork Belly and Scallops?

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Hi All,

I am planning on making a pork belly and sea scallops recipe on the weekend. Usually I make an apple sauce to go with the pork but thought it might be nice with scallops. While the sauce is nice I wanted to step it up a little so I have added Marsala. Just wondering what others though of this recipe and if it would go well with pork belly and scallops. The usual recipe is the same without the marsala and a 50/50 combo of juice and stock.


APPLE Marsala Sauce
250ml apple juice
125ml chicken stock
125ml Marsala
1/4 Onion
Pan juices
Thicken Corn flour

- Boil juice, marsala, stock with whole peppercorns and onion until reduced
- Strain then add back to the pot
- add butter
- thicken with corn flour
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It would be good to read the entire recipe plan, not just for the sauce  As in - how are you cooking the proteins?  How long for, etc....the scallops shouldn't be cooked too long obviously, perhaps added once the pork is fully cooked and the sauce pretty much finished too.

Instead of apple juice, why not stew some apples then strain, and you won't have to thicken the sauce very much at the end.

No salt?

Looking forward to your full recipe.
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The sauce came up great. I wanted to end up skipping the cornflour by reducing the sauce more but it ended up reducing so much there wouldn't have been enough left and it still wasn't thick so I did end up using the cornflour after all. I like the sound of the stewed apples, might try that next time. Thanks

For the pork I slow cook it in an oven at 110C for 3 hours per kg, once done I place it in the fridge overnight with weights to flatten it, then the next day I put into the oven at around 200C to warm and brown up for around 30 mins.

Photo of the end result below.

See photo
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