Apple Juice/Apple Cider - What's the difference?

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In the UK Cider is by definition an alcoholic beverage - what we in the US would call "hard" cider.

However, when I go to the grocery store and look at the ingredients on a bottle of apple juice it says "Apples". When I look at the ingredients list on a bottle of apple cider it says "Apples". So, what's the difference?

Thank you
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Cider is made from the whole apple, with the stem and seeds (barely) strained out. Cider, is really a puree. Juice is filtered and clear. If you can see the back of the label through the bottle, it's juice. If it's opaque, it's cider.

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Not exactly on topic, but I'd like to tell this story once again.

Many years ago our family moved to Indiana from Michigan. We still had lots of family in Michigan and would visit them often. There was this farm we'd pass on the way which had large apple orchards. Come fall, Dad would pull the station wagon into the driveway and make a purchase, about half a dozen jugs of fresh pressed cider. Not the clear, filtered juice, but the cloudy cider. We kids liked it, but 6 jugs seemed overkill.

We'd get home, one or two jugs got put in the kitchen fridge, we'd drink it over the next week or two. The rest got stashed into the basement fridge, where pretty much everyone but my dad forgot about it. He'd sneak down once or twice a month for a wee taste.

It took me a while to figure it out while I was young, but I did. And after many years of homebrewing as an adult I can apprecaite his efforts at making applejack or hard cider.

Thanks, Dad, for everything.

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In the UK we have clear and 'cloudy' apple juices. Ditto, cider (alcoholic) - and if you are lucky enough to get real Scrumpy (as opposed to the commercially-made stuff).. the hangover is truly horrid!
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I'm making a ham steak tonight. The recipe calls for apple cider. The only apple cider in the store looked exactly like apple juice.  Can I apple juice instead of cider, since I already have some at home?
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Our local health inspector explained to us that apple juice was made from apples plucked from the tree, while cider was made from apples that had fallen to the ground.  The bruising and mild spoilage of the fallen apples was what gave cider its distinct difference in taste and appearance.  She also said farmers used to let thier cows roam under the apple trees, but after a few breakouts of ?botulism? in the cider they outlawed the practice.

She does like to tell colourful stories...
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Thank you Charron, that answers my question.  I was concerned because the apple cider I picked up was not cloudy.

I used it in a pan gravy last night and my husband must have liked it because he ate all 4 servings
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