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    Hi all,

    I chose my name as user name, pretty radical eh!

    Been out of cooking for a long time, gave up because of the long hours and rubbish pay.

    I never lost interest though and I am keen to keep up even if I only ever cook for the family.

    Having said that, I still think about opening another restaurant from time to time, and might even do it when we move to Spain.

    Nowadays I am interested in what the press lovingly call "ethnic" food, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and the like.and I love Tapas style dishes and am working on building up my repertoire.

    I am into growing my own, so seasonality is becoming more important, the downside is you have to learn so many more recipes!

    I look forward to speaking with you on the forum, to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge, and maybe help a few others as well with the little I know.
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    Welcome Lawrence, Aloha as we say in Hawaii.

    England, wow.  I know there a few members here at Chef Talk from the UK, not sure what part though; I’m sure that you’ll get a chance to chat with them.  We have an assorted array of experience levels as well.  If you haven’t had an opportunity yet, do take a look at the gallery photos and articles, the reviews are worthy of note also.  I personally like to use the search bar for a topic that is on my mind, you might find a previous thread.  Try the FAQ at the bottom of the page if you questions or you can also Private Message one of the moderators.  I look forward, as I’m sure the entire community is to hear from you and share your ideas.  Enjoy!