Apicius Culinary School of Florence

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Does anyone know how good or bad of a school this is? I am interested in their 1 year course for a culinary certificate and later to get the associate degree in culinary arts, but I want to be sure that the school is good. Any info would be greatly appreciated =)
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Hi there,

I was looking into this school as well (2 years later...) and can't seem to find any reviews on the school. Did you by chance attend Apicius in the end or hear any reviews on the school? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!
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Hey! I was to do this program also and I am looking for reveiws but cant find any either! Found anything yet??
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Living in Florida about 20 years never even heard of it. Only decent culinary school down here in my opiion is Johnson and Wales near Miami. Some of the others I call ''household cooking schools""  Overpriced and  not worth it.
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