Aphid infestation

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I started growing my own cilantro plants a couple years ago and they have always been great (pictures will come soon). Recently i noticed some aphids infesting the new growth leaves in the center of the plants and have been trying to clean them off by hand, but this is not working well enough. I was wondering if anyone had a solution for this, while keeping in mind I am, of course, going to be cooking with this.
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Try some insecticidal soap. Safers is the most well-known brand, but there are others. Best bet is to spray outside, if you can, so the apids are flushed off the plants where they cannot re-infect.

Plants sprayed with insecticidal soaps, when used according to directions, are perfectly safe to eat.

Barring that, a heavy stream of water will wash the pests off. But, again, you don't want to do that where they have an opportunity to re-infect.

I'm surprised, though, that you're finding aphids this time of year.
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Even normal soap (dishwasher or so), mixed with water, will have an effect.Insecticidal soap is better though.Another alternative is to dust with sulphur. You would have to do this on a regular base as it does not get taken up by the plant, so new growth is not protected. The sulphur crystals for a little layer on the plant and the sharp edges of the crystals deter the aphids. It will not kill them though!
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Hi, Everyone!

I'm new here (duh!) and wanted to add my two cents /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif   Last year everything I grew was totally infested with those blankety-blanking aphids; roses, peppers, eggplants ACK!!!  

Then I began some research.  It's rather long and dragged out, but moral of the story is there are slim to none this year.  What should you do?  Find a ladybug or praying mantis.  I got lucky this year - the butterfly bush (that is usually smothered in aphids & eggs by this time of year) hosted a GIANT praying mantis which had hundreds of babies that now scour that bush and eat aphids.  Then, ladybugs showed up, too!  They work like tiny vacuums & eat up the eggs!  Armed with the knowledge, I captured some ladybugs, then gave them new homes on plants that had signs of aphid infestation.  Between them and the praying mantis, any aphids I find get sprayed with the hose and off they go.  Good luck and good riddance, I say!

I'm not a fan of pesticides, so I try to use "natural" pest control methods.  Trap crop planting seems to work well, too.

I totally love this site & the forums!  I just found it, and hope I get to spend more time here.  So much to catch up on!  

Take care & have a great day!
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I released over a thousand ladybugs one summer, and they munched on aphids for a couple of days before disappearing from my garden to never return.

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