Anyone Want to Review an Article for Me?

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What do you mean by "review"? Are you looking for content crit. or writing crit. or both? I only had time to take a quick glance, but I saw some writing problems you might want to clean up. I'm a little pressed for time--we're going out of town Wednesday morning--but, if you're interested, I could try to give you a few comments about the writing before I leave. However if you have more time, I could take a closer look after I get back, May 10th.
Where will this be published/posted? Who is the intended audience?
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Remember, I just finished this up this morning.... But yeah, some critical opinion would be wonderful. All insight is good insight!

My editor has it now. She's working on it. This is the "rough draft," the finished product will go out by the end of the week.

The intent is to get it out at least two weeks before the Chicago NRA show. I'm not allowed to say who wants it, but when it does get published, I will let everyone here know. Right now, there's at least 5 different entities in line.

The reason why I put the rough out there now is so people just like you can see it, review it, and insert your opinion. It's the culmination of some careful research I did over time, which is why there's a few awkward parts. (I wrote out different sections at different times, which is what researchers tend to do).

Overall, the point is sitting there. It's like pulling a shirt out of the dryer.... which is why it hasn't been sent to print. You guys get to see it first.....



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