Anyone Seen This Article? Thoughts and comments?

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Thought it was interesting that they focused on trade schools, in general, and culinary schools in particular.

I'd have liked to see a comparison between what they reported vs. similar costs/return on investment for private colleges. From what I understand, there are few entry level jobs that don't pose the same problems for college grads.

Something they tried to slide past: While focusing on the high-end schools, they mention in passing that the average tuition is only $14K+ while the average entry-level job pays 12 bucks an hour. That works out at almost $25,000/year income. Based on the incredibly long pay-out available on student loans, that doesn't strike me as an exhorbitant debt-to-income ratio.

I think what's really involved here are not so much the costs vs income potential, but, rather, the level of expectations of the people attending. Desptire the selective examples used by the NY Times, does the typical grad really expect that armed with an associates degree and no experience that they're going to start their new lives as chefs? That's like a Harvard MBA expecting to start his/her career as company president.

Would especially like to hear from recent culinary school grads as to whether the schools built their expectations to unrealistic levels?
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