Anyone read, "Extra Virginity"?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by curious mac, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Boy, Who'd think a book about olive oil would be so interesting.  Darn near made me paranoid. 

    I made a couple of olive oil purchases from two different California growers/sellers.  The stuff goes from their hand to mine and no one could tamper with it.  Then I did a taste test, hadn't done this before with olive oil.

    I have been using a COSCO store brand.  Label says, "Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Produced from Italian Grown Olives, First Cold Press'.

    When you taste like you are slurping from a spoon that stuff tastes like a well used gym sneaker. 

    The California product, one a general purpose and two fresh crop, non filtered, both bottled in Oct/Nov are a very nice flavor, the fresh tasting.  The non-filtered stuff has a pleasant olive taste to them.

    After reading about the adulteration of olive oil in Italy, Spain and Greece I am not so sure I'll ever buy an oil made there again.  Tho I am sure there are quality producers there not using other oils to dilute and still get the EV price I don't see how you can trust any of them without some kind of referral.  Even the govt. organizations that are supposed to oversee quality there seem to be a party to the corruption.

    If you haven't read it, it is quite an eye opener.
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    I haven't read this book, although perhaps that's because I'm based in the UK.

    I have to say that I only buy olive oils from producers I know, in Tuscany, Liguria, an area of the South of France and a couple of Greek islands!  I love Cretan olive oils, also Corfiot (although they only produce a small amount, and some of it isn't all that great!)  I have also bought some wonderful Spanish olive oils, but it can often be a bit hit and miss regarding quality.

    I have to share that i have been impressed by some of the amazing olive oils coming from Australia.  I have a family member who has a fairly large olive grove in NSW (but near the Victoria border).  It's peppery and spicey and great as a dipping oil.
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      Hi Curious Mac!

      There are some nice producers in the U.S., so if you choose to stay "local" you'll still have some nice oils!  But, by limiting yourself to only U.S. oils is really limiting the flavors and nuances of some wonderful oils.  I have read about the scandals, this is not the only area in the food industry where people were/are deceived.  Heck, it wasn't until late 2010 that the USDA finally adopted some decent guidelines on, olive oil, themselves.  Just find yourself a reputable seller.  Many offer tastings throughout the year.