Anyone make nut butter at home? Pre-soak - yes or no?

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Looking to throw some nuts (almonds, cashews, pist, tho separately) into a food processor and make some nut butter. I have seen some sites suggest a pre-soak - i this necessary?

Also, how long to roast? I have seen 12-14 hrs at 170.... this seems really long.

Thanks in advance.
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We've made peanut butter (specifically honey roasted peanut butter, so so good) and almond butter using leftover salted almonds. We use blanched almonds, I don't have the time or patience to peel my own.

For me, the salted almonds are better peeled, but I have had almond butter from unpeeled almonds and that was good as well.

Both nuts were toasted (350 oven for 10 to 14 minutes. I judge nut done-ness by smell). Neither was soaked. I have seen people who add some of the matching nut oil at the end for extra smoothness.
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