Anyone know of any QUALITY short courses in the NE?

Joined Mar 16, 2010
I'm a yacht chef and I've got some precious paid time off work to study in April, but it's max 6 weeks.  I've been looking at short courses, but everything seems really amateur.  Originally I was looking to improve my pastry skills, but I"m not finding a short enough course in pastry and am willing to look at anything as long as it's going to be worth my time/ cash.... if I don't find something soon I lose the time off and continue working as usual.  I'm able to travel pretty much anywhere.

Another point- on looking at all the pastry options I decided I might put the pastry training off till next year and  do the 5 month program at Ferrandi in Paris.  Does anyone have an opinion on the school/ program?

Thanks folks.
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