Anyone into hydroponics?

Joined Jan 9, 2019
I had a go at growing some herbs and stuff hydroponically back in the UK. It was a very simple system which I used outside in our garden in the warmer months, ie no lights or anything. Just had to keep the reservoir filled with water and some chemicals. Wow, my chilli plants were impressive. I was also growing various varieties of basil, edible flowers and other herbs.

Now we're living in a flat in Eastern Europe I've got some hydroponics kit. It's very small and has a grow light - actually I have four of these because they are a bit small and there are several things I want to grow, eg Thai basil, and all kinds of stuff you can't get here.

I really don't have green fingers, but needs must. I really want these ingredients. I just wondered if anyone else here grows their own and if anyone else was using hydroponics. Always glad of advice or sharing stories.

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