Anyone here suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome ?

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 My hands are constantly going numb, specifically when I am grasping, which is obviously most of the damn time. I take ibuprofen during the bulk of the shift and that usually helps, but I spend most mondays not taking any and letting the commies cook while I do prep and do the order - my hand still will go numb holding a fucking pen!

I haven't actually gone to the doctors yet, not afraid, just hard on time to find to go. My wife insists that I go, but I know it will go away, it just hasn't ever gotten this bad ( now that I am typing this, I can see why I sound like such a fool ).

I have had it since I was a teenager working as a dishy , I remember I would get it after a lot of mopping , because my wrist would become compressed , and I remember by using the mop bucket differently , the numbness would stop. When I started my new job, with the wood fired oven, I was chopping wood and quickly got numb that evening , and it has been everyday and almost constant since.

Does anyone have experience with this? is their something I can do, or should I call the doctors?

Thanks in advance
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A brace may help at night but is near impossible to wear in the kitchen. Mine hurt so badly that as soon as I layed down at night the pain was so intense I had to get up and walk around. Lack of sleep was making me delirious! I had cortisone injections after suffering for years which helped for a good 6 months. The pain came back, had another injection and it lasted about 3 months. I ended up having the surgery and have had no pain since then. Literally could sleep from day 1, best thing I ever did.

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