Anyone have any experience freezing a pie to bake later?

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I've never frozen a pie for baking later and would like to know anyone's experience (and equipment used) when doing this? Can a pie be made, wrapped up and put in a residential freezer to freeze it? Or do you need something more elaborate (and expensive) like a BLAST FREEZER?
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I do it all the time, esp. apple pies. (residential freezer)
Bake them completely - as usual, or to~ 80% your choice
Let cool to room temp.
Either cover well with plastic wrap at this point &/or or cool in fridge for several hours/overnight, then wrap well and toss in the freezer. (depends on pie/filling)
Cold in fridge before the freezer though!
Have to be careful not to plop anything on top after, as the crust/top easily gets trashed.
To thaw, leave the wrap on & let sit for at least a couple hours at room temp (best if you have a defrost/thaw setting on your range - NOT microwave), then unwrap, place oven @~120/150F for a bit to reheat.
Bump it higher if you want it hot/completely baked.
...Addicted to the lattice, egg wash/coarse sugar coated crusts this month!:)
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