Anyone have a wonderful recipe for aji amarillo ?

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I'm very excited, I have fresh aji amarillo, which I've never tried before, but I hear that it is like sunshine in the essence of a chili.

If anyone has a favourite recipe that uses this, please let me know!  Thanks =)
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I don't know where you found your aji, I am so glad for you and I can help you with a peruvian recipe from a great family of friends living in Huanuco. Best food memory of my life. 

You have to cook the chicken in boiled water with "pollo powder" (yellow one, you can find it in every market even in the smallest peruvian village). During this time, put some pieces of bread in a bowl of milk. 

In a pan put A LOT of onions, and fry it, salt, and pepper. Add aji, chicken broth and cover. I hope you have fresh aji because the dry one is less delicious.

Remove the bread of the milk and put it in the blender, when all the vegetables (onions and aji) are cooked add them to the mixture into the blender and... wait for it... BLEND IT! 

Remove the chicken from the water, and DON'T CUT in little pieces but fray it, you must have filaments, changes everything.

You get a very good sauce, a little bit spicy, but SOOOOOO SUBTILE! 

Of course you have to boil some potatoes (peruvian identity), and coat them with your wonderful yellow preparation. But please don't add some parmesan (italian) or olives (greek or elsewhere)! If you cannot find aji anymore, you can bring some aji powder (red one, you can find it in every market even in the smallest peruvian village).

You can eat it with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your dog or your kitchen but PLEASE enjoy! And I promise I'll stop to put capital letters and !!!!!.

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