Anyone have a 60" Five Star Range??

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We recently had a house fire and I am re-doing my kitchen. I am considering a Five Star 60" Dual Fuel Range. I don't know much about the brand and am just looking for anyone who has used them and can tell me if I should go ahead with a Five Star or Spend more money on a Wolf or Viking.
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Five Star ranges are on a much lower quality scale than Viking or Wolf or BS.
Five Star and Wolf today are pretty much sealed burners. Not my first choice. The Five Star dealer network is VERY limited and one of their distributors went out of business. Unless you are in the Chicago area Five Star may not be the best choice or even an option. What Five Star does offer is a product that is priced between a standard home owner range and the Wolf, Viking or BS. BS is now the most expensive of these. My experience with BS was not the most favorable but then many say the same about Viking and I love mine.
Wolf is just as repair prone today as all of the others with the primary problems being related to the electronic ignition. BS has had a lot of problems in this regard.
If you have not had a chance to see a Five Star in person the oven doors are lighter than the others as are the grates etc. but again the price point is lower so that is some thing to consider.
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