Anyone got a New West Knifeworks Knife?

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I dropped my Henckels Santoku on my tiled floor and broke a piece off the handle. I glued it back together but it just doesn't feel right now. I've had it 10+ years so I am really peeved as it was my favourite knife.

Looking around i've more or less decided to purchase a New West Knifeworks Phoenix Santoku. Has anyone tried their products? I know their "The 9" has had rave reviews but I prefer a Santoku. I'm in the UK so have no opportunity to try before I buy.

Thanks in advance!
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OK, after 2 days ringing New West from the UK and getting an answerphone on every occasion they have missed out on the $400+ I was going to spend with them. How can you run a business if you don't answer the phone to customers who want to give you money?

I have now bought a Tojiro Senkou (Flash series in USA?) Santoku. Delighted with it as well!
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Forged vs. stamped - As knife marketing tells us good kitchen knives have to be forged, and have full bolster and tang. NONE of that is true. E.g. Stamped Globals are much better performers than most of the forged mainstream kitchen knives. Stamped Forschners are made from the same steels as Wusthoffs and Henckels and I'll bet 1000$ to anyone they won't be able to tell the difference neither in edge holding nor in cutting performance.
I bought Forged and stamped versions of the same chef's knife from Global, and I didn't get anything but extra weight and spent more money on forged knife.

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I'm not sure why you decided to post your thoughts on "stamped vs forged" in this thread.  FWIW, while I have a few quibbles over a few niggles, we are in  agreement over this:  Yes. Contrary to (poorly informed) conventional wisdom, forged knives are not inherently better than stamped knives.  

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