Anyone from Turkey here?

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Turkish food is very popular Germany. Germans love nothing more than their doner kebab. Not even the legendary "Currywurst" can compete anymore. If I was a Turk interested in catering I would go to Germany.
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The reason I'm asking is a bit different, though.

You see, there aren't many Turkish cookbooks in English (or in French or in German for that matter) and mainly, there are very few GOOD Turkish cookbooks. But even those very few great books don't go very deep and simply don't and cannot cover the whole richness of Turkish cuisine. You don't see cookbooks about the cuisine of certain regions only, like you see for Italian, French or Spanish cuisines (Naples at Table, The Cuisine of the Rose, Catalan Cuisine are some of the great regional cookbooks about these cuisines that come to mind).

However, what what I've read, there are dozens or hundreds of Turkish cookbooks being published annualy in Turkey. The only problem is they're in Turkish, which I don't speak. The problem has a clear solution though - learn Turkish - and I'm determined to do just that. I don't need help with this problem.

There is, however, another problem - which cookbooks? Paula Wolfert recommends one author in The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean - Nevin Halici. One of her cookbooks has been translated into both English and German, but the translation is only some 180 pages long, whereas the original is 350 pages long, which looks like it's not a complete translation. So I'm getting the original. Plus, she has a 450-page book about the Black Sea region and books about other regions, too. But I'm missing something about the southeast.

So I'm looking for someone who speaks Turkish to recommend some more cookbooks.
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If you google "Alper Barkmaz" you are led to his company Softonics and his software "Easywords 1.7". I recommend it if you want to learn how to translate from Turkish.

Have you ever tried to produce a Lahmacun? That's Turkish pizza and probably the easiest Turkish dish for beginners.../img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif

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Turkish foods not show foods but tastes better than other cuisines i am ok turkish but i know pizza roots coming from anatolia pide if you want to learn turkish foods i think you must come to turkey in turkey we haven't famous culinary schools for turkish cuisine because people newly understand potential our cuisine but if you have internship or work turkish cuisine restaurants you can learn too much turkish cuisine is not only baklava döner or kebap( but mostly our foods with meat) for example pide lahmacun likely pizza mantı likely ravioli,pastırma likely carpaccio if you versus with italian cuisine but turkish cuisine much more spicy we have got to much starters(likely spanish tapas) in turkish cuisine and too much desserts in turkish cuisine( mostly flour desserts or milky desserts) and some foods vegetable only use vegatable and olive oil interesting cuisine is turkish cuisine and not exploring cuisine in the world if you looking cuisiner
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