Anyone ever use a hobart 140 quart mixer?

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I'm trying to decide between the 80 quart and 140 quart mixer for making falafel. I'm moving kitchens and am replacing the equipment. previously, I would do 1.5-2 batches in the 80 quarts so I figured the 140 quart would be a better fit.

However, I'm worried about the size of the 140 quart bowls - will they be too cumbersome to clean and maneuver that it's not worth doing it all in 1 batch? Also, is 5 horsepower in the 140 quart mixer too strong to the point that it pulverizes everything (3HP on the 80 quart).

Anyone able to share thoughts? Thanks so much everyone! You guys and gals are awesome here!
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         We are currently running a 1980's model Hobart H600T mixer- Planetary mixer. It's a work horse. I've useed the 140, 200 quarts in the past in different kitchens.  I don't know what your "batch size" is... I prefer making 1 batch and save time/ labor= $saved. Cumbersome? It's a BIG bowl! Yes, it big and heavy without ingredients.

        Wrap a towel around the handle and walk the bowl around the kitchen on a "leash" to your station on the rollers. Then dip out of the bowl with a "dipping pot".

         I've used a lift similar to an auto engine lift in another kitchen- niiiice. And very easy to do- current kitchen doesnt warrant it. Anorher kitchen had an electric winch by the pastry station bolted to the rafters. You could pick up another set of wheels the for the bowl, easily have someone weld a "U" to the wheels, bolt a crank or winch to the "U". In the long run, costs way less than the time/ labor to repeat batches. 

         Prefer having more power than i need and know there is some in reserve; rather than taxing the motor. The variable speeds will keep you from pulverizing your product unless you want to pulverize. the horsepower aren't exactly how fast the blade is turning; it's the torque. Falafel is thick, the higher torque will make a difference. I've made falafel, cake batter, icicng, meatloaf, doughs, grinding sausage mixes, you name it in planetary mixers, attachments, etc of various sizes. More power doesn't necessarily mean destruction of ingredients, it can relate to more options. Best of luck in your new kitchen!
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Thanks so much for our detailed response!

I think you're right and I should just go with a 140 qt bowl to minimize batches. Is a "dipping pot" just using one of our pots and scooping out the mix? I would like to figure out a way for our team to lift the bowl easily without straining themselves. I looked for a lift and found a youtube video of a good one but they no longer sell them - I haven't been able to find another yet.

Thanks Spoodles!
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