Anyone ever use a 140 quart Hobart mixer? Trying to decide on 80qt vs. 140qt - Thanks!

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I'm trying to decide between the 80 quart and 140 quart mixer for making falafel. I'm moving kitchens and am replacing the equipment. previously, I would do 1.5-2 batches in the 80 quarts so I figured the 140 quart would be a better fit.

However, I'm worried about the size of the 140 quart bowls - will they be too cumbersome to clean and maneuver that it's not worth doing it all in 1 batch? Also, is 5 horsepower in the 140 quart mixer too strong to the point that it pulverizes everything (3HP on the 80 quart).

Anyone able to share thoughts? Thanks so much everyone! You guys and gals are awesome here!
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If you are only making one thing in the mixer, I would say no. If there are multiple uses for such a large mixer, then it may be worth your time. My bakery uses ours for quite a few dough, but mostly large batches in the summer. We also have a 60, 30, 20 qt, and spiral mixer.

The 140 mixing bowl is of course massive, and takes two people to dump out the water when cleaning. Certainly not something that could be run through any dish machine i have ever seen. 

Horsepower in the mixer I don't believe is too much, no matter how much. The speed settings are there for that reason, 2 batches doesn't seem so bad. Not bad enough to offset having a giant, single purpose mixer. 

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