Anyone else?

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I swear the interview process is way more challenging and anxiety ridden for me than doing the actual job lol. Panel interviews, phone interviews good golly, even the actual cooking interview doesn't give me such anxiety. Anyone else?
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I have done the actual job a lot more than I have done interviews so naturally I am more at ease with the job as opposed to interviews.
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I get especially nervous when its an interview at a place i REALLY want to work at. 

Of course though like Cheflayne has said.... 

I have done the actual job more then interviews, so its understandable to get nervous during one. But i always try to stay calm and not freak the interviewer out... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif/img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif
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I can't stand interviews. I've done well at working interviews but I hate straight interviews. Mostly because they never seem to have read the resume they insist on making you provide them before asking "Tell us about yourself".

 Then they proceed to ask you questions based on whatever the latest interview fad is. 
I was once asked if I were a tree, what kind would I be? I remember going home later and looking this up. At the time it was part of a series of similar questions that were all the rage at the time and were meant to dig deeper into your personality somehow.  

     Then there's the "If we asked your friends about your faults, what would they tell us?" 

Now it's situational questions. "tell us about a time you… " 

Of course, me asking what kind of compensation I'll be getting is somehow a big no no. 

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