anyone an alumni from Culinary Academy of Long Island?? short pastry arts courses!

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Has anyone attended the Culinary Academy of Long Island? How was your experience there?

im currently attending but I don't know if im satisfied with what im learning and in the time span I'm learning it. my question goes to anyone whos attended this culinary school or any culinary school in NY as well any chefs or owners that have had experience with students fresh out of training and if they were skilled enough? what were their major weak points and did you feel you that you were training them on more things that you wouldve expected them to already know?

*direct question for chef instructors/executive pastry chefs: im not a big cake decorator but I wouldve like to have had more training on how to do more cake decorating using fondant/gum paste/buttercream; is this essential to a pastry chef or is it something you grasp along the way with experience?

please help! thanks in advance for anyones valuable input! :)

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