Anybody want to play a recipe game?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by jenni belle, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Okay, so not really a game, but check this out.

    At another cooking website I frequent, one member is chosen each month and that member provides 3 ingredients...a protein, a fruit or vegetable and an herb or spice. The combination is posted and from that other members are asked to create a dish using at least those ingredients and post their recipes.

    Anybody want to play? If you would like to make a suggestion for the first round of play, private message me and I'll select the most interesting combination for the first month. After that, I'll ask people at random to suggest ingredient combinations.

    Okay, so who wants to give it a whirl? It's a lot of fun! Once I find a great suggestion, I'll post this at the beginning of May (or maybe a little earlier!) to start us on our month-long recipe challenge!
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    jenni belle, we have something like this started by KeeperOfTheGood. It's called "Finish This Recipe." Keeper gives out a few ingredients and we're challenged to try to come up with a dish. Check it out.

    It gets you to think outside the box and is a lot of fun. So, I guess we can have another one! ;)
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