Any you pros use products? Soup base, consume,demi glace?

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    I know I need to read more and research these things but folks sometimes time just doesnt allow us that luxury. So am asking you experts, still dont quite get the differences between soup base, consume and what in the world is a demi glace and how do you use these things? I know the "soup base" is self explanatory but all these things seem to say the same thing in different words. Beef is beef flavor and chicken is chicken flavor ect?

    Any how always looking for a way to boost flavors at home cooking and for bbq competitions (injecting brining ect.) So I came across this website and am confused what to order as those things seem to do the same thing, add specific flavors, beef, chicken, fishe ect.

    Curious if anyone on this forum has used this company and its products?

    thanks in advance,