Any way selling or donating used chef's knives, kitchen equipment or gadgets?

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Are there stores and/ or non-profit organizations to either sell or donate used chef's knives, and other kitchen equipment, gadgets in the San Francisco Bay Area?
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Contact an older local restaurant equipment warehouse they may purchase it if it’s in good shape. Or they may know someone who purchases used restaurant equipment.
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If you have a 501.c3 write out a grant proposal. there are many corporations that wuld love to give in kind gifts or give money to cover knives if the proposal is good enough

There are MANY working chefs that have used knives, even band new knives they don't use, that we've acquired as test samples, that we've bought with the intent to pass on. But we generally are going to donate to the culinary schools and to non-profits. I give out about 6 a year.

As far as selling used equipment, there are probably a hundred places in the bay area. Look up "restaurant supply". Many sell used big equipment, hotel pans, or "mass furnishings" (silverware, plates, table linen, etc) or they can refer you on. We have probaly about 2 dozen in phoenix. Also Auction houses. Restaurants go out of business all the time and you can buy at auction

As far as selling used knives. Craigslist, Chef Talk used to have a "for sale" forum. I know chef knives to go has a used "for sale forum"
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A reastaurant equipment auction house will usually take it if
its saleable. They deal in used, after all. Theyll buy stuff from you
too, especially powered and unpowered equipment, if not utensils.
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