Any viewpoints on the Oscar Awards ?

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    In the Madrid prior to the Oscar Awards which is aired on all Bar Big Screen TVs throughout the country, are the Goya Awards, which is just for Spanish Films ( no foreign films ) ...  We are in the process of looking at the contestants. We are planning to go to the cinema next week. We have already seen Meryl Streep in Iron Lady. She had done a truly fine job in the role however, the film was quite, well, it focuses on the life of the former  Prime Minister Margaret Thacher and her onset of Alzheimers. A hard topic for most. Any film recommendations ?  
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    How about I don't ever see a movie until it is only DVD and available for FREE at my library?  Last time I checked, I did not know one single person nominated (or winner).    There is one on the horizen (might already be out of theaters for all I know) I heard about that sounds interesting to me.  It takes the position that Hitler was no killed and that he came to the USA, under the protection of some evil corporate types who control things here.   Not sure of the name or who made it or anything.   But I'd still probably wait for DVD.
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    The movie the "The Help" was more of an inside look into how servants  where treated in the past or what we call today," the help ", of which I have seen on many levels.

    Going to the Bahamas especially gave me a birds eye view as to what the movie really meant.

    My favorite line and favorite actress won and that meant alot , along with the scene :

    I have a love for movies, it takes away for an hour or two and you forget the days headaches and all the problems and just be in the moment.