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Okay folks here we go, a few years ago I stepped out of the Industry because of the Managers Owners and Politics, well I am back refreshed and with a totally different out look.

My daughter who is presently working three or six jobs as a hourly employee and constantly reminding her Boss and Chef they are stepping in deep doo doo, with some of their actions and lack of knowledge in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry (case and point they pay their Sous Chef $14.00 dollars hour but want a REAL Sous Chef (haha) any way I digress.

My daughter had to price out a Vegetarian Wellington for the Chef anyway known of the costs or products were given to her, so I asked what type of Veg. Wellington it looks and sounds more like a German Vegetable Strudel cost at about $1.52 sale to the customer $22.00 Dollars anyone see anything wrong here.

Now we come to what I am really writing about sorry about the rant(s), I have come up with away to make a Wellington or a Steak or Fish so it looks pretty close to the real thing, I am presently working or the coloring now the problem.

Do I make it taste like MEAT or Fish or Chicken or what ever meat product I am imitating, as vegetarians especially Vegans are so strict on the in take of Flesh type Products.

Do I mask the product with its natural flavor, herbs and spices?

Should I try to find a substitute that adds the product flavor ice. Fish but the actual product is vegetable?

My problem with the Food Industry is the Lack of Creativity in vegetarian recipes and I am truly tied of seeing the same old Crudite and soups and pastas going out every time, This is a Bottom line Problem and the proof is in the Sweet Tomato Vegetarian restaurant. big price tag very little imagination as fa as Food presentation goes same old standards and No apologies.

So My question is how do or should I flavor it as its Meat representation.

For the chefs that want to complain about labor intensity I say it is like the home cook trying to imitate us it is the knowledge of how it is done the ingredients that are used and the total time needed After it has been mastered. if you think I am kidding if you do not Bake or do Desserts try it first then watch a professional Baker or Dessert maker.

Again I am sorry about the rants.
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