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Hello All, 

i operate a factory for building refrigeration products, 

i was wondering if there is any products that we can build for commercial kitchens. 

i was thinking of a unit that can freeze products within 3-4 hours ( anything from 80C down to -20C)  , it will be larger than the size of a regular fridge, or can be made customized. Freezing foods this fast will stop it from forming crystal and would preserve the taste and quality. such unit would range in price from $5000-$9000/- 

Let me know your taughts ? 


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Do a google search for blast chiller or blast freezer.  There are already products like this out in the market.
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I bought this one new last year. Holds a wheeled rack of 20 hotel pans. At full blast chills to minus 50c within 4 hours after the cool down cycle in the oven.
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