Any RD"s here?

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Once I finish the Culinary program I'm in(Dec) I'm considering a Master's program in Nutrition. The particular program I'm looking at includes an RD internship so once finished I'll have only the exam left for certification.

Just curious if there are any RD"s here that might be willing to share some of their experiences combining their certification with the Culinary Arts?

Thanks! :)
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hey ziggy I have my bachelors in food and nutrition. Well I am new to the field I just graduated 3 months ago. But I know a lot of opportunities for a RD Chef.

For one having an RD and Culinary experience will imedietly get you an executive chef position at health spas or resorts

Elderly homes- they are now switching to room service hotel style
where you prepare food for each persons nutritional need.

The school lunch program always needs help

email me for info.
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