Any people with specific cupcake or bakery expertise?

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Hi, I'm Carolyn, and I LOVE cupcakes. I mean I adore them, and I cannot stop making them. So here's what I need.

A Mentor.

I'm in an entrepreneurship class this year, and we have to create a business plan centered around a business you're interested in. An imaginary business. I've named mine Carolyn's Cupcakery, and it is an at home cupcake catering business. A mentor is required for completion. I need 1 or more mentors to help me out occasionally with stuff like possible flavors, advertising, or pricing options.

If any of you could help, that would be super.


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I have some bakery experience but none of it involved cupcakes.  I know cupcakes are trendy nowadays but the basics still apply.

Maybe if you have specific questions and maybe some numbers and formulas folks might find it easier to provide input.

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