any one here from vancouver ?


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As i am relocating there in september.
got any fave restaurant`s ?...already chacked out bishop`s

I would like to hear from you

regard`s cmj
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Here are a few for you

Le Crocodile, Classic French Bistro $$$$

Lemure Have not been for since their expansion but very good

Tojo's Best sushi in town

Rain City Grill, West coast cuisine, usually very good, but not my last visit

Won More (denman street) Shanghai Restrauant (nothing fancy)

Bin 941 (davie Street) kind of a chefs tapas gathering place, busy after 9:00 pm

Sun Sui Wah (main street) great for Yum Cha (Dim Sum)

that is a start, but far too many good and great restaurants to list here, hope you enjoy the culinary jouney



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Thank you very much for repling. I have heard about le crocodile from the guide books it sounds flash,and well worth checking is rainy city .when we where over there last year we checked out kitto,tsunami,yaletown brewing co,delilahs,buds fish and chips,earls and bishops.It seems like there is a thriving restaurant scene there.
are you working in vancouver?
thanks anyway

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Bacchus Restaurant
845 Hornby St., in the Wedgewood Hotel
tel.: 604/608﷓5319
Downtown & Yaletown
Price Category: Expensive
Reservations required for dinner

Vij's Restaurant
1480 West 11th Avenue
(604) 736﷓6664
No reservations required

This small restaurant serves fabulous Bombay cuisine. The owner,
Vikram Vij, paid his dues in the best dining rooms of Vancouver and it shows, both in the quality of the food and the friendly but professional service. The curries are fragrant with spices and the basmati rice is cooked to perfection. The menu may be limited but everything on it that we have tried has been remarkable.

I even left with the chef's recipe for Lamb and tomato curry! :lips:
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