Any of you guys featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives?

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I sometimes watch Diners, drive ins and Dives on TV and was wandering did any of the restaurants you guys work at feature in the program? 
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I do not (mostly work in camps and institutional programs now). I've intentionally been to two Triple D joints, one in San Jose, Calif., and the other in Reno, Nev. The California place was good. It rose to the hype. However, I wasn't impressed with the Nevada restaurant. I thought I did a better job at their signature dish than they did.

I've been to one or two others where I just happened upon the restaurant. I can tell you that the Squeeze Inn (Sacramento, Calif.) and it's burger with the big cheese skirt isn't all it's cracked up to be. Too much fried cheese for me. I thought it took away from a good hamburger.
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There is a Jewish deli in Queens featured on the show I went to. Has a great pastrami sandwich but ever since the show the sandwich is $18. :(
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I was on the first season of the Canadian knocko--er, equivalent.

It was good experience on the whole.  The crew and host were really respectful and did their best to get what they needed while not getting in our way (as much as possible).

I honestly didn't take the whole thing too seriously.  I am not big into this sort of programing and greatly underestimated the reach this sort of thing might have.  We had a huge pop once the showed aired that took monthes to level out.  

A few take aways (from my experience only):

Three full days of filming for a seven minute segment

Selection of restaurants is not meritorious.  There is no judging process or review.  Selection seems to be based on written suggestions, social media tracking and mentions in local press.  None of the production had even tasted a morsel of food before filming started.  Viewers who complain that certain places don't "deserve" a spot in these sort of things don't understand how TV works

Its not about food, its about the "story" behind the venue.  Often that story is 'how much protien can be shoved in a human mouth."

The business of these programs is not highlighting restaurants.  There business is getting people to watch the show.  It must be a mad scramble for them to find places to feature.  Part of their job is making sure that the place comes off as well as possible.  Maybe even better than they actually are...
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