Any ideas for flavors/fillings in a chocolate chip cookie trifle

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Ooops! I removed one of my inch-thick quadruple chocolate-chip-cookie-cake layers from the pan while it was too warm and it fell apart. So, no two layers cake. I'm thinking trifle. One layer can work as the bottom.

Recipes I googled used chocolate pudding and/or chocolate ganache and/or whipped cream for layers. The cookie is very rich so I would prefer not to add more chocolate (white or milk or dark). I would like to lighten it up a bit too.

Does anyone have suggestions for layers and/or flavors that are a little different from the norm?
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well if creme chantilly is too humdrum for you, why not try a diplomat? maybe a passion fruit diplomat, thats a fairly respected chocolate combination

or make finely diced pineapple, gently stewed in its juiced with a few vanilla pods, then combined with all the goop of a few passion fruits, you get a sort of bright acidic compot with a bit of mellowing from the vanilla, drain liquid or even cook in NH pectin to achieve the consistency you prefer. that could be spooned in layers .

maybe some mini pavolvas baked until crisp but still gooey and moist on the inside. some lime zest in the mix to make it interesting and compliment the compote
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Diplomat cream and citrus; great idea! While I prefer basic over sophisticated flavors, you have definitely inspired me Innocuous Lemon.

Soooo, I'm thinking a brandy diplomat cream with bananas tossed in lemon juice. Maybe throw in a few toasted walnuts lightly seasoned with cinnamon.

That's more flavors than I would normally mix. Progress.
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