Any home cheese makers out there?

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    I have access to fresh goats milk (we are milking a couple right now).  I've been trying my hand at making cheese.  So far, the only hard cheese I've made has been "farmhouse" cheddar.  It's pretty simple....once you get the hang of it and actually READ the recipe correctly.  I also make a simple goat cheese by heating just to boiling and adding vinegar....then squeezing out all the liquid I can and adding some herbs.  We finally got to try the cheddar (it has to age 2 months) and it's not bad.  Definitely not store bought!  

    I'm just looking for some ideas, insights, etc.  I haven't got up the courage to try "washed curd" cheese such as Colby yet.  Has anyone else and if so, is it as difficult as it looks?

    Also, any ideas for using up the whey besides bread and feeding to the pigs?  I need ideas for ricotta too....

    I'm up for any ideas on using up the milk in other ways too.  We get about a gallon a day since we only milk once a day.