Any griddles or pans that are similiar to a grill?

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Well, where I live, my family has an electric stove (I know, Gas would be best), but what is the best type of pan or griddle for cooking BBQ style Steak and Chicken?  I can imagine eventually buying an actual grill, but for indoor stove uses, what is there anything that is a half decent substitute? 
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My advice, if you are confined to indoor grilling--and I assume you don't have a fireplace--would be to invest in a good cast iron grill pan. There are several on the market, but I am personally enamored of products made by Lodge. Electric panini grills are something you might want to investigate, too. 


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You should check out Steve's book on Indoor Grilling. It's a fun book with a range of techniques and equipment. You'll be somewhat limited by your ability to vent smoke as well So you might be happier with something like a countertop grill next to a window.
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Thanks!  I will also need to check out the book.

Glad to hear Lodge is recommended. 

I see their pans even in WalMarts at super cheap prices, around $20.

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