Any good jobs in Orange County California? Or Anywhere???

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I am currently working as a personal chef to a very wealthy couple and  have been so for almost 2 years but I have decided that its about time to move on. I am interested in going to work for a company with great benefits as my wife and I are expecting our first baby in January. The job I currently work is just not where i want to be and i find myself stressed, upset, and affected in my life by it. I have 15 years of culinary experience and I went to culinary school in 2002. I have been in fine dining for 6 years and everything from health food kitchens to huge production catering companies, as well as running my own catering business for 2 years. I currently make good money,60 k a year and I am having a hard time finding anything near that. Since I have done many things in the past 5 years I really havent been more than 2 years at one place. I have leadership skills and knowledge of what it takes to run and manage a kitchen. I believe i am qualified for a sous chef position even though i have never held that title. Also one problem I am insecure about is that I hold a criminal record and I always feel i wont be hired by a big company, hotel or corporate fine dining because of that. What advice or leads could anyone get me? I really know im capable of a management position and believe that no matter where i go i would be able to work my way up a ladder in a short time.
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 Have you spoke to the couple about the possibility of benefits and higher pay?

And when you say the job you hold currently is not where you want to be, how do you mean? Professionally or its not near enough to you?

So the 2 year thing is a pattern. Why? Do you get bored?

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