Any Foods Disgust You?

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Cow's tongue is a popular dish here, served with vinagrete. Properly done it's tender and delicious.

Snails, i used to eat them in my youth. Got to be clean. Also cow's brain butter sauté.

However, there's a preserved Chinese vegetal that i'm not truly fond of: Zhai cai. I can eat it, but... 
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Haven't met anything I would not eat yet. Organ meat is great. Cow tongue is great - get it smoked, sliced very thinly and put on a dark rye sandwich with course grained mustard and horseradish. Heaven.
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Not so much a actual food, just a word used to describe blood.


Cannot see this and not gag.
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A very out spoken lady was invited to a family dinner.

She exclaimed, "Two things I will not swallow, raw oyster is one of them."

An innocent little kid on the table asked, "What is the other thing you wouldn't swallow?"

Tension blanketed the whole dinning room.

She replied, "Oh, it is very slimy, ------------------ very discusting! ---------- very yacky! ------------------------------------------------------ okra."

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Have TRIED oysters... every which way but loose... just don't like them. Have tried them in oyster stew, fried, baked, bled, even raw... just don't like the flavor... not a texture thing.

DON'T like liver... though a nice pate works for me. 

Have NO desire to even try anything that has a disgusting description.  Like Durean fruit... like ROTTEN meat?!?
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I'll eat anything except Jello. Snails, organs, blood sausage, bring it on but Jello makes me lose it. Horrid stuff that nightmares are made of.
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Surstromming, completly horrid smell.

Penis, it may taste like pumpkin pie but I'm not going to touch it.( I have a friend whose wife is from Vietnam and she makes it on occassion from sheep and goat)

snails, I've tried but can't do it.


Dog, cat, bugs.

Calves lung, my grand mother would make it.

 Tripe, chittlins.

Any typt of fertlised almost a bird egg, or eggs cooked in urine.

Brains. Eyes.

Pigs feet, chicken feet, again my grandmother.

Blood anything.

I know there's more but I'm going to eat soon and want to put these things out of my mind.
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the half .... grown chicken in an egg and u eat it...

i think its like from malaysia or indonesia.. somethin like that

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There isn't much I have been unwilling to try - but...  I have tried and don't like...



truffles (edible funghi type, not confectionery!)



DURIAN fruit
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Cow tongue, when it is long-cooked with root veggie, lot of herbs and spices, is very tender and delicious..of course you have to peel it before eating...also smoked is awesome...carpaccio sliced with some appropriate sauce (like horseradish sauce or bellpepper chutney, for instance) and some pickled veggie is real delicacy...
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Egg whites... The white part of a fried egg; or hard boiled eggs for example.  The way it tastes and smells both make me gag instantly.
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The fertilised egg is from The Philippines and called Balut. 

I do not like the idea of offal, oysters, insects or bugs.  And I simply drawer the line at penicillian or any mold injected into food (think blue cheese).
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I'm with Marghata, anything mushy that is not supposed to be. Like bread soggy from wet ingredients. I really do not understand people actually putting bread in their soup

I vacation in northern WI, and there are some pretty nasty looking things in the deli's there, seems to be Scandinavian stuff. Ooh yeah, and I will never touch anything with blood in it, can't even imagine eating blood pudding. That's Scottish isn't it ? Makes me distrust the whole country.
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It's refreshing to see that someone posted Mcdonalds and KFC. I haven't had fast food in so many years. I will not eat fast food at all ever. It's not that I don't like it. I love and miss Wendy's and white castle, and even BK...but years ago I made a commitment to myself never to eat that poison ever again. There are other poisons I allow myself to have once in a blue moon, but fast food is not one of them.

Foods that absolutely disgust me are Parsley, mayo, and egg yolks. When I see someone eating runny yolks I want to hurl. It's looks like someone eating yellow snot. It's disgusting to me. I used to be able to eat it, but one year I drew the line and realized I was an adult and didn't have to force myself to eat it anymore.
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I vacation in northern WI, and there are some pretty nasty looking things in the deli's there, seems to be Scandinavian stuff. Ooh yeah, and I will never touch anything with blood in it, can't even imagine eating blood pudding. That's Scottish isn't it ? Makes me distrust the whole country.
Blood pudding is from practically anywhere that they butcher pigs, IndyGal, so at least every european country has them, better distrust everyone/img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif.  I've had chocolate blood pudding in Italy, where the blood was used as thickener.

I won't eat organs of waste (kidneys, intestines) - they disgust me, and there are surely plenty of things i never encountered or heard of that i wouldn;.t eat. 

Once during the height of the mad cow scare, i was looking at alternative meat - horse was very good (there are special horse butchers here, and the meat is always considered really good for children and higher quality than beef) but it was harder to find - and once i tried ostrich.  I'm not disgusted by the animal itself, but i decided to go slowly and buy it ground and make a meatloaf.  All fine until i put it in the mixer to mix it quickly, and it turned gelatinous - the thought passed through my brain that "this is what i imagine you might find when if you went to another planet and tried to eat their food, it would be weird like this" - and at that point my stomach closed up and i couldn;t eat it.  Everyone else at home thought it was good.  Disgust is a funny thing. 

I won't eat live animals or any that you have to mask with lemon juice and swallow in one bite (which tells me something in itself) like oysters or clams or all those raw seafood things they give you as appetizers in italian sea areas
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