Any dishes to be avoided when cooking in pressure steamers?

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I just wanted to know if there are any dishes that I should avoid when cooking a pressure steamers?
Like Asian noodles most notably Soba, rice vermicelli and other rice or any potato starch noodles because it can give me mushy results when cooked in 8 minutes. Is cooking rice pilaf with coconut milk, soy sauce, and water ever being done? I was thinking of doing a coconut milk adobo rice pilaf cooked in a pressure steamer. But anything similar would work. How about cooking beans? Some say they don't recommend it, but some say it is possible.
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The only thing I'd avoid is some of the finer grains like quinoa. Someone relayed a story of the grains clogging up the vent hole; which caused a seal failure and a huge mess. Even if it was an embellished urban myth, I'd avoid that type of small item.
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This again?

I thought his issue was thoroughly addressed in a previous thread that you started where you asked a very similar question? No?

Pressure cookers are not good for cooking rice, pasta, beans or similar foods. While it is possible to cook these ingredients with a pressure cooker, the results are inconsistent and are often poor quality. Nevertheless, It can be done. But, there is no savings in time or advantage in improving the quality of the finished product. For these reasons, using a pressure cooker for these types of foods in a commercial kitchen is impractical IMO, not to mention potentially dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

Perhaps you or your kitchen should invest in a good steamer? :)
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