Any Advice Using Cambro Food Carrier/Holder?

Joined Mar 15, 2017
I do a lot of entertaining at home and run into the issues of entertaining my guests while needing to be in the kitchen getting the dinner ready.  As a result, I've spent too much time around the punch bowl resulting in over cooked food.

What I've decided to do is buy a cambro food holder, prepare the main dishes ahead of time and keep it hot in the cambro.

What I'm not sure about is keeping the quality.  Will rice get mushy?  Will fish continue to cook?  Does the food dry out?  I would keep food in the cambro for about 2 hours.

What I'm going to try first is spanish rice, enchiladas, and corn bread.  I will definitely use it for beef, fish, and chicken in the future. I would think vegetables may get mushy so may use a steamer for that instead.

Any advice or recommendations in how to end up with a quality dinner?

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