Any advice for bone broth seasonings?

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I recently moved to a smaller town than i'm used to and started working in a kitchen at a local place owned and operated completely by hippies who are giving me creative freedom with a few of the menu items (muffins, desserts, bread (french rolls, sourdough and cornbread) and our broth drinks(chicken stock and vegetable stock) specifically are my job but nothing is actually off limits if I'm feeling inspired).  I've been training for a week and a half and today was my first day on my own. It went excellent! That being said before I started I had never had broth outside of soups so I would love some seasoning advice if anyone has any. Luckily for me we have people to prep everything and we keep chicken and vegetable stock on hand so it is literally just a question of seasoning and boiling! Today I used 4 cups of chicken stock(which will always be the broth proportion) then curry powder, onion powder, turmeric powder, salt, pepper, and cayenne powder.... i called it spicy curry bone broth and then it was served..... it wass eehhhhhh........ any advice for the future?
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There are literally thousands of posts on seasoning combos in the archives.

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As Jymra said, start with s and p and fresh spices. 


Experiment with small one cup batches. When you have a good combination, serve it.

Don't experiment on your customers. 
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Something I typically use in vegetable stock for an added punch is star anise. They can also be reserved afterwards for garnishing in vegetable soups. I would avoid using cayenne in the future as surprising people with a spiciness usually doesn't go over well unless you are labelling it as spicy such and such.

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