Any advice for a person trying to market their noodle product?

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Hello all.

My family is planning of producing a japanese style "buckwheat noodle" product.  They recently asked me if I could offer any advice on selling it and I told them I'd try to find out how to distribute this type of food to local distributors, groceries and such.  I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to who I should try to contact to try and sell this in any way possible.  They will probably goto a professional company but I am just attempting to gain any insight to selling this type of product in the market places near by.  I live in the Bay Area and am remotely close to San Francisco.

Also if it helps, the noodles will contain additional essential vitamins and minerals in addition to being an "organic" product. 

Healthy stuff, huh?

Thanks again.
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Beat the pavement for companies who distribute your product or since it is a product that would be used by most Japanese restaurants I would send out samples and then call back to see if they are interested. That way you cut out the middle man and keep most of the money and then add other products and become your own distributing company. Just a thought.

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