anti-griddle suggestions needed

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So, I inherited an anti-griddle. I have one item I will be producing with it, but I can't say I am all that excited about it. Now I am wondering what cool things I can make.
Is anyone using one for pastry? I am in research mode.
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I have used it with many dessert sauce components to create a lollipop.

Also Ice cream base to do a shaved portion. 
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Neat!  I have never used one, just seen the videos.  But it seems like a cool gadget.
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I've wanted to try and play with one for a while. I keep seeing videos on youtube and around the internet of people making pictures with pancake batter on an electric griddle, why not with custards and icecream base on an anti-griddle? 

I also like the shaved icecream concept. could be a rich dessert, but rolled up/shaved to give it volume.

I'll be watching this thread 
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So far, it hasn't been very practical for production. Perhaps in a high-end/low volume kitchen it would be ok, but takes me hours to produce 100 portions. If the room is too warm, it slows down, so I would not want to use it to order.
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