another thread gone and i still can't reply.......

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See below for my earlier post which has now also disappeared from the sub forum " bug report".It was there earlier today with about 20 views or so and now it's gone!I've now send 2 messages to the operators to try and find out what the story is but I'm not getting any further.The feedback form says that the message has been send, but I don't even know if that's trueI need help here so I can reply to people that have been helping in answering my questions, I can't even reply to thank them for their efforts!Earlier message:Quite annoying this: I started a couple of threads without much of a problem (except that I have to write in source language and then move to normal and do the editing). I can't reply to the threads (and to any other thread for that matter). I am logged in. The reply box appears. I write my reply, press submit. The grey/white bar appears but then never disappears! Although I don't have the fastest internet, all my other applications do work. I can start a thread though, so that's weird. Now yesterday I wrote a post about this. It did appear in the "new posts", but now it is no longer there. It is also not on my profile page under "posted threads" There are a number of posts that I want to reply to, esp the ones where people have been helping me and I just can't. But I used to..... Getting very frustrated. I've also tried sending a mail to the moderators, but no response there yet Don't even know if it actually reached them. PLEASE HELP!!!!


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I can't even pull up your account profile which is certainly odd. There may have been an error in the creation of your account? I'm just guessing wildly here. Hard to look into when the system errors out when I click on you.

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