Another rainy day . . . so I cleaned out the freezer . . .

Joined Jul 13, 2012
It's what I do when the freezer spills over with shrimp shells and heads. I also freeze my leek greens so today was shrimp stock day!!!

A quick heat through on the shells then water, leek greens, Dashi Kombu, carrot, celery, parsley and black pepper corns.

I let that go for an hour, or so then strained it and started again. I added to the liquid more Kombu, garlic, dried guajillo and arbol, smoked salt, some Hon Dashi and a bay leaf. I let that simmer till it reduced by 1-1/2 inches then when the flavor was there I took it off the heat and fished out the arbol. It's ready to use and I have Gumbo in mind for the weekend.

I normally don't add salt to a stock, but this is a different beast for a different application.
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