Another on reductions ....

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I picked up a technique along the way that I have never been able to put a name to...

When deglazing a pan you take the first addition of wine to au sec, you then add another ration of wine and reduce to au sec, you then take a third ration of wine and reduce to au sec, add your sauce base and run with it ...
The idea being that each reduction of wine adds another layer of flavors and complexity.

Anyone know the name for this technique?
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I don't no the classic term for this way of reduction. it is however the way i make almost all my wine based sauces. it truley does increase the depth of the sauce. you can also apply this method with your stock as well to reduce to au sec and repeat until you get the depth of flavour your looking for. this works best with the second wetting or # 2 stock. this also works for fruit purres when you want a syrup for a base for sorbets.

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