Another nut for the stuffing!

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Hi all, I'm Mike

This is my first time on this board and I wanted to say hi and share a little about my self.

I repair industrial heating and refrigeration equipment to pay the bills.

I love good food and about a 4 years ago I was asked to cook for a party, then another, then another.
Finally I was asked to do weekend lunches at a local bar and do a little bar tending.
I found out quickly cooking good food is only half the battle the other half is defending the oven and my cook where [O the knifes I've lost].

I'm a knife nut, I have all the main brands and I've come to the conclusion that I need 3 sets. The first set doesn't leave the house the second I use when cooking at parties the 3rd set is for my help.
I keep the knifes sharp! I have a local place that has a wetstone that puts a hollow edge, then If need be, I touch it up with a Norton sharpening stone/dimoned coated steel then finally a dickoron sharpening steel.

I also found the need to have a bigger cooker so I took a 200 gal oil drum and made a BBQ/smoker out of it. I can cook a 150 lbs pig or a make jerky with cherry wood.
I just wanted to say Hi and I hope I shared a little about my self.
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Hi Mike, and welcome to Chef Talk!

Thanks so much for telling us about your "culinary self". You join a friendly community of pros and enthusiastic amateurs, and we're glad to have you with us!

Have fun browsing the forums and checking our our archives. Use the search function to locate older topics of interest to you. We hope to share a lot with you.

Mezzaluna, moderator
Welcome Forum
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Welcome aboard!! What is your favorite knife? Do you own any custom blades? What is your least favorite knife?
Looking forward to hearing more about that collection!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Mike! I am sure you'll feel right at home with us.
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Hi Mezzaluna, Jim& Isa.

Jim My favorite knife is a draw between Wusthof's 12" chefs knife and the Dexter and Russell 12" chefs knife. The knife I like the least is the Henckel five star line of knifes [they don't fit large hands].
I think I have one or two knifes from each of the Wusthof and Henckel lines. I also like Forschner and the Russell international line.
I don't have any custom knifes, but I do buy these knifes that are called grinders [there shipped without an edge. They cost about 10 bucks and are made by Russell international. The funny thing is these aren't that bad knifes [for 10 bucks].
Joined Dec 4, 2002
:eek: :eek: :eek: Yikes!
I just had a flashback from that movie "gangs of new york" :D :D :D
I'm a 200lb pig and I don't wanna get near you:D !!

But seriously, I tend to like the bigger knives myself, though I stop at a 10" unless I'm doing some serious butchering!

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